Going about working with interior designer on your next redesign

Modern spaces require constant upgrades to ourselves comfortable and relaxed in our homes. More than often the services of professional interior designer is of need due to the constantly evolving creativity in the field. What might work today may not necessarily be trending a few months ahead therefore interior design plan focused on creating a space that will be comfortable and stylish that will last for at least a period of 3 to 4 years.

The advantages of hiring a interior designer for your next renovation are many. Not only do these professionals design living spaces but also work closely with you to monitor the progress of work, keep to deadlines, and also helping procuring raw materials.A interior designers with experience of 7 to 8 years will have in-depth knowledge on production management, budgeting, and quantity estimates.

Before getting started with a interior designer it is always advised to view some of his previous work, this can be done by visiting his website or even social media pages. If these details are not available on these platforms simply speaking to them and asking them for a few references of their previous work and a portfolio of will help you in in-depth understanding of their styles and methods of design. Individually designer is different from each other however before narrowing down on a shortlist it is important that you can relate to the styles and end products from the designers previous work.

Shortlist at least 2 to 3 designers from your initial selection and then schedule a  personal interaction to get better understanding of whether the end result of your vision can be captured and how the designer would plan going about it. A bunch of reference images is always helpful to communicate what you have in mind. Read more here


Kitchen Design Tips

Goans have been keen on installing modular kitchens recently due to the many benefits in create a cooking space that is multi-functional and practical to use. Bring in experts such as Enfold Modular and they will bring their expertise to plan a kitchen that is specific to your needs and preferences.

Customized modular installations are made with MDF as well as plywood; marine grade ply being mostly preferred. Kitchen with plenty of storage are always recommended as practically never of it is enough. Having a bottom to ceiling shelf rack against a walls that isn’t used will help in creating extra storage space. Popular layouts for an kitchen size of 25m2 – 34m2 which is an average kitchen size typically found in most apartments in Goa can be fitted with an L shaped or an straight parallel kitchen.

Avoid blocking any natural light entering the area with any furniture. A natural light is essential to keep the room lively and along with ventilation keeps the room fresh. equal though must be put into artificial lighting as well. The lighting plan should be spread across the room with ideally track lighting focused on the countertops and stove area. Place lights of either side of the modular installation to avoid casting any shadows.

If you family constantly gathers in the kitchen space a comfortable seating area needs to be planned either as an extension to the countertops or a independent seating area. Combining the cooking area with the adjoining dinning area is also trending. Reach Enfold Modular for a free design estimation if you are looking for a customized modular installation in Goa.  They have been around for nearly two decades and are extremely reliable in their work.